My name is Tyler Mowery and I am the creator of The Practical Screenwriting Course. I read all of the screenwriting books and made tons of mistakes. Slowly, I started to realize that it wasn’t about having an agent, finding the latest story tactic, or writing about what’s popular now, it was about being able to do the work, day in and day out. Constantly honing the skill of writing through habit and rewriting was the key. That is what I will show you in this course. I cannot tell you how to tell your story. That’s for you, alone. But I can show you how to write daily and how to rewrite in a clear, focused way. I hope to see you inside!

Tyler has worked as a script reader for Voltage Pictures in Los Angeles, where he was able to see firsthand the different ways that professionally written screenplays were succeeding or failing. Tyler runs a Youtube channel where he has taught hundreds of thousands about the different fundamental principles of screenwriting and storytelling. His instructional content has been featured multiple times on No Film School and Stage 32.

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On my Youtube channel, I focus on teaching the fundamental elements of storytelling and screenwriting. If you are new to writing, the Youtube channel is a great place to start!


A Guide to Screenwriting

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