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We help neurotic, struggling, confused writers... 

Those who can't focus, can't get to the end of their script, and can't seem to rise above the millions of other screenplays.

Become laser-focused, constantly improving storytellers.

Become a rare breed. A writer who doesn't focus on talking, bragging, or showing off, but focuses on writing and finishing great stories.

Here's How It Works

The Practical Screenwriting Course goes to the next level in showing you how to get your story out of your head and onto the page.


Learn how to overcome writer's block, write more in each writing session, build the long-term habit of writing, and get to the end of your first draft.

Systematic Rewriting

Learn how to easily find and fix story problems to dramatically improve your screenplay.

Process Example

Watch me write a short script, explain my process as I write, and rewrite the short script to give you a case study of another writer's process.

Facebook Group

In the Practical Screenwriting Facebook Group, you'll find a group of passionate writers will come alongside you so that you can grow together.

Stand Above the Rest

There is a great story inside you. The only way to get it out is to learn how to write each day, constantly improving and becoming the writer you know you can be. Are you ready to rise above the rest?

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Check out what students are saying about the course!

"Your lessons have made me start writing everyday and at times I’ve often used it as a form of motivation to get me started. I feel that it has really forced me to make a decision about writing seriously and creating that environment for me to really focus on my writing."

Bryan Q.

"I started with the course yesterday and binged the first six lessons. Loved it! Truly felt that it was the most important lesson on writing that I needed. Thanks a lot!!"

Mohit D.

"I love your course and it has really helped so far. I have ADHD and it can be hard for me to sit down and write consistently. Not only will the first bit help me with writing specifically, it will also help me stay organized in my life overall."

Jay J.

"Yesterday I had a stressful day. But I manage to write at least half a page. Thanks to this course, it’s empowering me to do things I’ve put off."

Alex C.

Take a Look Inside the Course!

Course Overview [12:22]

In the Course Overview, I outline exactly
what you will see in each lesson.

The Mindset Section

Learn how to overcome writer's block, write more in each writing session,
build the long-term habit of writing, and get to the end of your first draft.

The Writer's Mind [27:04]

You can't just learn story theory and screenwriting tactics. Becoming a great writer goes deeper.

In The Writer's Mind Lesson, I'll be explaining the deeper layers of your mind that you need to cultivate to become a better writer.

Focus Part One [14:27]

Everyday, we are constantly distracted. Writers who are distracted can never write well.

In the first Focus Lesson, I show you the simple method to increasing your focus and your ability to write pages each day.

Focus Part Two [10:39]

Once you have learned to eliminate distractions and focus, you are ready to learn more concepts regarding focus that will help you dramatically improve how much you write in each writing session.

Consistency [15:38]

Writers who stay consistent are the ones who can succeed and dramatically improve their writing.

In the Consistency Lesson, I will be showing you how to create a new environment that allows you to write consistently, in a more focused manner from now on.

Habits [26:51]

If you can build the habit of writing every day, you will be unstoppable and dramatically ahead of the other writers around you.

In the Habits Lesson, I show you how to the long-term habit of writing so that you can beat writer's block and procrastination and write each day.

Getting Your First Draft Done (Without Losing Your Sanity) [19:01]

Your first draft doesn't need to be perfect. It needs to be finished.

In the Getting Your First Draft Done Lesson, I apply all of the ideas I've taught in the Mindset section to your first draft, as well as giving you systems to help you organize your story and get to the end.

The Systematic Rewriting Section

Learn how to easily find and fix story problems to dramatically improve your screenplay.

Systematic Rewriting [39:22]

Finally, you have your first draft done, but how do you know what's working and what isn't? Is this scene not working? Or is it a character? Or it is the entire beginning of your story?

The Systematic Rewriting Lesson gives you a clear, simple method to find the problems in your story and fix them.

Rewriting Example: Elysium [27:50]

Once I've shown you exactly how to rewrite your story, I give you a clear example of a screenplay with story problems and how to fix it.

In the Elysium Example Lesson, I apply the rewriting system taught in the previous lesson to improve a screenplay that is built around an action sci-fi concept.

Rewriting Example: The Gambler [18:00]

In The Gambler Example Lesson, I apply the rewriting system taught in the Systematic Rewriting Lesson to improve a drama.

Getting Criticism [17:55]

One of the most valuable parts of the rewriting process is getting good feedback from the right people. Without good feedback, there will always be story mistakes and problems that you will miss.

In the Getting Criticism Lesson, I outline exactly what a good critic looks like, what a good receiver of criticism looks like, and how to filter good criticism from the bad.

Common Story Mistakes to Avoid and Fixes to Common Problems [32:06]

When you are aware of the mistakes you're making, it becomes much easier to solve them.

In the Common Story Mistakes Lesson, I go through a long list of common mistakes I've seen from amateur screenplays to professionally produced screenplays.

The Process Example Section

Watch me write a short script, explain my process as I write,
and rewrite the short script to give you a case study of another writer's process.

Idea and First Draft Part One [55:56]

In the Idea and First Draft Lesson Part One, you will watch me write out the first part of the first draft and talk through the different decisions I make along the way.

Idea and First Draft Part Two [42:39]

In the Idea and First Draft Lesson Part Two, you will watch me finish the first draft of the short script and explain what I think about this first draft and what will likely need to be solved in rewriting.

Rewriting [53:06]

In the Rewriting Lesson, I use the method taught in the Systematic Rewriting section to this short script and talk about the different decisions I make as I rewrite the story.

Facebook Group

In the Practical Screenwriting Facebook Group, you will find a group of writers passionate about improving their own writing who are willing to come alongside you so you can grow together. I will also be more available to answer specific questions and help you with your story, rather than contacting me on Youtube or the public Facebook Group.

Deeper than Screenwriting

Too many courses focus on tips, tricks, and tactics that will leave you lost in the crowd of millions of other writers. If you truly want to stand out, you need to go deeper. Deeper into your mind to find what truly makes a great writer.

This course gives you the blueprint and the knowledge to begin to build yourself into a deeper thinker, more focused worker, and a more aware human being.

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Learn What Film Schools Never Teach

It can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000 to complete film school. And, unfortunately for writers, the extremely practical concepts I cover in this course will likely never even be mentioned.

If you’re interested in bringing your writing to the next level.

If you are interested in improving your focus and your habits.

If you are interested in being able to identify what isn’t working in your story and how to fix it.

And if you are serious about writing.

Then this course if for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Youtube channel is all about story theory. I am teaching different ideas about writing that have helped me. My Youtube channel gives a foundation of story theory to help you begin writing.
The course builds on these ideas and focuses completely on the practical parts of writing. The course doesn’t tell you how to write your story. It explains how to improve your writing habits and how to fix your story once you’ve written it.
Building focus, consistency, and writing habits are things that should be practiced by all serious writers. The rewriting elements aren't a blueprint or step by step process of building a story, but rather a way to simplify and organize the rewriting process so that you are fixing the right parts of the story.

The course is comprised of different online lessons. The lessons contain videos, worksheets, and reference sheets.

It’s all pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace and you are able to go back through the videos as many times as you want.

You have lifetime access to the course. So you can go back and review it at any time. If you want to buy it now and then wait a few months to go through it, you can do that as well.

I will also be adding to the course over time. Anything I add to the course will be added for free to those who already have bought access.

Absolutely go buy a Masterclass! But they won't teach what I'm teaching. They will be teaching the same story theory material you've heard again and again plus a few industry anecdotes. They won't be showing you how to apply that information and actually get your story written. And that's where this course comes in. 

The course is for those who are serious about writing. It’s for those who struggle to finish a screenplay. And it’s for those who are confused about how to rewrite their stories in a way that actually makes the story better, and closer to the story that they want to tell.

Let me be clear. I can not tell you how to write your story. I can only show you what has helped me. And that is what I’ve done with my Youtube channel.

What I can teach is the process of fixing story problems when rewriting and building long term writing habits.

This course isn’t telling you how to tell your story. It’s showing you how to fix problems when you are sitting confused in front of this disorganized script or struggling to overcome writer’s block.

Rise Above The Rest

Go deeper into writing. Rise to the top of the stack. Tell great stories.